A resource for STEM faculty of trans* students  


exactly the same atoms is on its way to becoming an online resource geared towards faculty in STEM who mentor/may mentor transgender graduate students in their lab/department/program.

* there are a lot of gender identities that exist outside of the gender binary.  There are many similarities, differences, and overlap in the experiences of folks who identify as genderqueer, non-binary, agender, or anywhere outside of cisnormativity with those of folks who identify as transgender. This is a space for you, too, please feel welcomed and encouraged to contribute your experiences. 

Under Construction

Thanks for visiting! We are currently updating the site, which we are aiming to launch sometime in May. If you're looking for the survey, please click here. We are working our way through the first round of responses, but will continue to update the site with new survey responses over the coming months.  


If you'd like a one-time email to alert you when the site goes live, please leave your email address here with "alert" in the subject. 

Suggestions of great resources to include? Ideas? Comments? Leave them here:

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